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journalism as the guardian of the public interest. additional funding is provided by the park foundation, dedicated to heightening public awareness of critical issues. by tfrontline journalism fund, supporting investigative reporting and enterprise journalism. and the best exotic marigold hotel. >> is this your first time in india? >> yes-- do you think we'll be all right? >> it's going to be extraordinary. >> this spring, go someplace exotic. >> welcome to the best exotic marigold hotel. >> there's an indian in there. >> with judi dench, bill nigh, tom wilkinson, penelope wilton and maggie smith. >> india is about what you bring to it. >> i'm really loving this! >> i just want a glass of water. >> that was a gin and tonic. >> i know that now. >> the best exotic marigold hotel, rated pg-13. now playing in select theaters. (phone ringing) >> please leave your message after the tone. (beep) >> hi, love, i was just thinkg i'm going to be late home from work tonight. >> bergman: britain is still coming to terms with a scandal of historic proportions. >> that should be fine about
the phone hacking story for a rival newspaper-- tguardian. he is now writing a book on the revelations. >> it's not just a story about journalists behaving badly. it's a story that immediately, by fluke, takes you into not just the most powerful news organization in the country, but also the most powerful police service in the country and the most powerful political party. and in all of these you find them behaving wrongly, illegally, immorally. >> bergman: the man whose company is at the heart of all this is escorted into a parliamentary hearing to answer questions. he has no doubt about his own role in the gathering scandal. >> mr. murdoch, do you accept that ultimately, you are responsible for this whole fiasco? >> no. >> you are not responsible. who was responsible? >> the people that i trusted to run it, and then maybe the people they trusted. >> bergman: that fateful day was a long time in the making. he arrived in london an australian newspaperman and got his hands on the news of the worla sunday tabloid. he made it clear his approach would be different from other owners. >> how
49, tandem camouflage a boat. crews have been searching the rivers. no luck so far. >> guardian angels as controlling a new section of the beating in thea area. ahead and the d.c. chapter says people asked them to come out with this area. it done again and now as he longer support president .bid for reelection >> the president's recent he supports that same-sex marriage. think they should be able get marriage. he fired political leaders to .eigh in >> marriage is a relationship between one man and one woman. has an romney now ally.cted >> the president should not have to do that. dr. m. it burns refuses to the president's reelection bid. >> i cannot support him. nothe pastor says he will election dayls on the president of fact same-sex marriage. it is something he called a diabolical philosophy. this is a defining moment. the stakes are high. they have to overturn the same- sex marriage law. while she supports the she does not appreciate the announcement. why he changedw his mind. >> michele bachmann suspicion issue of politics. >> thank you for this. candidates have it is an ec
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open again this noon. our other big story today at noon, the guardian angels on duty after beating in northwest washington. >> the area in focus is the 14th street corridor. john gonzales live in northwest with more of a crackdown in crime by the angels. >> the angels are already present this afternoon. the victim has lived here for about six years and was walking from work thursday afternoon when they saw a man dropped a beer can in the valley. he simply asked the man to pick it up. the victim never expected what happened next. >> police say it appears a piece of trash provoke a violent attack. a man who lived in this building was brutally beaten in the back alley after simply asking someone to pick up their beer cans. >> while police investigate interview residents and go through video from the time camera from 14th street and w street neighbors have asked the guardian angels to step up patrols in this area. >> not just a beating, but in el lot of times they see this type of people that are kind of scary to them. take of a nonprofit volunteer group started patrol momen
beeapplled.we worked with our media partner "the washington guardian" to look into the background oo this year's congressional candidates.ass jeff barnd reports... we found bannruptciessand felonies. felonies. in aaerrca, we conduct thorough background chhcks of teachers, coaches and &pcounselors, but the same s not true for thoseeruning for a seat in connress.[sot in jimminnerview]inn12:58:49 "people are sneaaing past the system withhut that kind of vettingg"trt=:03(brenda lenard pictures att http://s1151.photobu ckee..oo//lluussoo22//rrnn aaeeaadddossnntt//aabb mmiiwwssiieehhww//rr>> in tennessee, tea party andidate brenda lenard (pronounced "leonard")prrmotes herself as a coreefisccl hawk.. not aa word of her arrest for fraudd she was charged with writing bad checkk in 1993, placed on probation and ordered to pay a fine. [sot n jim ]]2:57:23 ffnd when i went in." trt=:03 jim popkin, working, with our pedia partner, the washinnton filed for bankruptcy - not once -- but four ttmes in two years.popkin, the president of investigativv check, examined bankruptcies, tax li
was hurt. >>> d.c.'s guardian angels are gearing up to patrol a northwest neighborhood over an assault on a man in an alley. you are looking at surveillance video behind the alley at 14th and w. that is where a man was badly beaten thursday. he is still hospitalized and has several serious far shows injuries. the guardian angels plan to start patrolling the area including the alley tonight at 111:30. >>> the names of 362 law enforcement officers that died in the line of duty will be dedicated on the walls of the law enforcement memorial tonight. it's part of the national commemoration of police week. it will be held at 8:00. eric holder will deliver the keynote address. >>> warm temperatures here in the district. will the sunshine stick around? gwen tolbart has the latest. >> hi. i hope you had a good first mother's day. >> i did. thank you. >> we had a lot of -- not a lot of sunshine for our mothers but the rain held off. i was able to say that this morning in the forecast. we thought the rain would move in. there was a few rain showers to the far west but other than that not too bad.
in the top five was the observer, the guardian, the "news of the world," the "daily mail" -- >> to answer my question. >> can i just interrupt there? i'll declare i used to work for the "observer" but left in 2001. the "observer" was not in the top four. >> it's irrelevant. >> top six then perhaps. >> the "observer" was at four instances. >> but it was on the table. >> just to answer my question, you extensively worked with private investigators, is that the answer? >> no. what i said was that the use of private detectives in the late '90s and 2000 was a practice at fleet street and after operation motorman and what price privacy fleet street actually reviewed this practice and in the main the use of private detectives was stopped. don't forget, at the time, as you are aware, it was all about the data protection. data protection act and changes to that which were made. and that's why we had the committee in 2003. >> just tort third tifor the th extensively did you work with private detectives? >> the "news of the world" employed private detectives like most newspapers on fleet street. >> so
year. any student or guardian attending -- any student attending with a parent or guardian is welcome. and we welcome parents with different backgrounds and policy issues. we have packet in english and spanish and chinese on our website and at the office of community engagement. and they're also brochures like this around on how to find it. applications are due by friday, may 4th, which i believe is a week from friday. and we plan to bring those that are nominated by the pac to appointment in june. the website is >> thank you for your report. any comments or questions? thank you very much. we're going to go to item f, public comment on content items. -- can send items. i did not see anything in the speaker cards on consent item calorie calendar issues. -- calendar issues. item g, consent calendar -- is there a motion and as economic consent calendar? >> so moved. >> second. >> seeing the items withdrawn. >> we need to withdraw one item, 3j124-w2010. we need to correct the last access code on the page. it should read 24,200 and not 16,000. it is a change in the amount. and l
for their teenage neighbor. >> what he did, they are now calling him their guardian angel. >>> first lady, michelle obama is on the campaign trail on behalf of her husband, delivering remarks at fundraiser at noon, then speak to area campaign volunteers. >> task force charged with looking in to stand your ground law begins working today. this is the law that george zimmerman is using as his defense in the shooting death of trayvon martin. >> saving ten post offices from closing. they are part of the postal services plan to cut cost and save money. it starts at 4:00 in baltimore. >>> unveiling a cafeteria today has a salad bar and water tap in it. it's the wave of the nation documentary series set to air this month. >>> penn state sports coaches will meet with students interested in playing sports in college. the coaches and others will be meeting with students at the marriott inter harbor hotel. >>> police are searching for three men who broke in to a home near the university of maryland college park campus and stole money and drugs. three current and two former students live in the home that was h
the u.s. security council looking redundant as a guardian of world peace. >> these are among the latest pictures from syria. amateur video apparently showing the shelling of buildings. the team of u.n. observers are from damascus. the violence and bloodshed continues despite their presence. the un has issued new warnings about the risk of all-out civil war. amnesty international claims the continuing crisis in syria is the most telling example why the u.n. security council is looking tired, out of step, and on for a purpose. redundant as the guardian of global peace. >> thousands of people died in syria. we have made a case out of many of these. what has happened there constituted crimes against humanity. there was no action from the council. what we're asking for now is when there is grave human rights abuses as we have seen in syria, [unintelligible] cannot be allowed without a clear explanation as to why it is happening. >> they are accusing the government of failing to show leadership to match the courage shown by protesters during the last year. negotiations for a treaty on the glo
a failure to intervene in srilanka have left the u.s. security council looking redundant as a guardian of global peace. our world affairs correspondent reports. >> these are among the latest pictures from syria, more amateur video showing the shelling . a team of united nations observers have thought the violence has spiked despite their presence. amnesty international claims the continuing crisis in syria is the most telling example of why the u.n. security council is looking tired, out of step, and increasingly on fact, -- unfit, redundant as a guardian of world peace. >> what is happening that constituted crimes against humanity, but there was no action from the council. when there is human rights abuses, like we are seeing in syria, the veto cannot be allowed. >> amnesty is accusing the government of failing to show leadership to match the courage shown by protesters during the past year. negotiations this july for a treaty on the global arms with all the human rights organizations. amnesty calls the past year truly tumultuous, millions of people taking to the streets to demand fre
.c. guardian angels will be back on patrol following a man being mugged behind a condo building at 14th and w he was badly beaten and is still hospitalized. the guardian angels will be in the area at noon today. >>> the nation's capital pays homage to law enforcement, those who have given their lives on the job. the 24th annual candlelight service honoring police officers, corrections officers and military police killed in the line of duty was held last night in the district. the names of 362 u.s. law enforcement officers were added to the walls ever the national law enforcement officers memorial. u.s. attorney general eric holder delivered the keyet for address. it is national police week and dwill honor a life lost in the line of duty generations aago. william henderson foote's name will be added to the atf memorial wall. he was killed in mississippi in 1883 and is the first african- american federal law enforcement officer killed in the line of duty in the post- reconstruction era. he was lynched after intervening to save another man's life from being lynched in days before. we are talking
incrementado en su vecindario . es por eso que lo Ángeles guardianes estarÁn reforzando sus patrullajes en el Área el departamento policÍa esta solicitando la colaboraciÓn de la comunidad, si usted presencio este ataque o tiene una pista que pueda llevar al arresto del sospechoso no dude en del condado de prince g a a de semanutoride durael fin n que los echosos coeronmenos seis r semanaasada,istritde columa inacion.s... es la primera vez que una mujer hispana se postula para ocupar un escaÑo.... hablamos de viia meji..alvadoa,e dedo mas25-aÑos rvicio comunitario.... menjivar se podria convertir en la primera concejal de origen hispano en la historia de la ciudad de alexandria... "lo que quiero es representacion de las minorias, que falta que esta ausente en nuestro concejo municipal actualmembien quiero participacion civica de nuestra comunidad latina" menjivar trabaja actualmente en la escuela secundaria tc williams.... su plataforma politica incluye mejorar los programas de educacion para jovenes y niÑos.... "todavia tenemos que crear otras mejoras que ayuden a nu
week. today the guardian angels will walk the 14th street corner near w street. on thursday afternoon the man was badly beaten behind a condo building after asking the suspect to pick up an empty beer can tossed near the building where he lived. that attack was caught on surveillance video. neighbors say the area needs a larger police presence. the guardian angels say they will make citizens arrests if necessary. >> we're here of course if we see any type of violent crime, felony being committed, at that point we won't hesitate to detain people and make citizens' arrests if we have to. >> i think the more healthy help out there for the police the better. >> police say the victim was so badly beaten that he had to have his jaw wired shut. we are told he has been released from the hospital but he is still very rattled. the suspect remains at large. >>> jobs and the economy may decide the winner of the race for the white house. right now the national conversation is still on president obama's endorsement of same sex marriage. the president was applauded for his stand in new york today as
. >>> also making headlines this morning, d.c.'s guardian angels will patrol a northwest neighborhood again today after this crime was captured in surveillance video. just septupletting. the guy was knocked to the ground right in the head in an alley behind a condo building at 14th and w last thursday. he was badly beaten. he is still in the hospital. the guardian angels will be back in the area including that alley at noon today. >>> prince george's county police are investigating a fatal crash involving a motorcycle and a tractor- trailer. this one happened on woodyard road in clinton saturday night. police say the driver of the motorcycle, henry thorpes, jr. was pronounced dead at the scene. no word on what led to the crash. >>> the 24th annual canned -- a 24-hour annual candlelight service honoring loment officers killed in the line of duty was held last night. u.s. attorney general eric holder delivered the keynote address. the service was part of national police week. >>> resignations at j. p. morgan chase. three executives with j. p. morgan are stepping down following last week's rev
.c.'s guardian angels will patrol a northwest neighborhood today after a man was assaulted in an alley behind a condo building at 14th and w thursday. man was badly beaten and we're told is still hospitalized. >>> three executives are resigning over the $2 billion trading loss. one of the executives is the chief investment officer. the company's ceo says the loss will not threaten the future of j. p. morgan. >>> in sports, a crushing loss for the washington nats sunday. it came on the final pitch. take a listen. >> that ball headed for cent are field. and cincinnati wins on a walk- off grand slam. >> he actually hit three home runs sunday including that game- winning grand slam. the nats fell to the cincinnati reds 9-6. lots of losses to talk about over the weekend. we still have plenty you ahead. >> fox 5 morning news at 4:30 starts right now. >>> live look outsued at the capitol dome. it is monday, may 14th. i don't know about you but if you step outside, you might feel a few raindrops. i sure did as i was making my way into work. it feels pretty good. i'm will thomas. >> i'm sarah simmons
police are looking for two men who stabbed several members of the guardian angels volunteer security patrol overnight. the guardian angels were attacked when they tried to stop a robbery on the c-t-a red line.. at the clark and division stop. they were standing on the platform, waiting to get on a train, when they saw a man pistol whip a passenger and take his i-phone. when they intervened, a second man pulled a knife and stabbed the four guardian angels. one was stabbed in the head the heather has 11 stitches in the arm >>i have 17 stitches in my arm another received four stitches in the lower rib >>the attacker came out and started pursuing ... there could of been a shooting or a murder but there wasn't ... >>coming up next new information about the extent of the injuries that george zimmerman suffered on the night he shot and killed 17-year-old trayvon martin. the defense team rests its case in the corruption trial of john edwards without calling edwards or his mistress to the stand. and rumors swirling about the upcoming iphone 5 and the larger feature it will have. a medical
in northwest d.c. have asked the guardian angels to step up patrols after violent beating that happen last week along the 14th street corridor, after police say a man ask someone to not litter and pick up a beer can. while police work to find the culprits the guardian angels say they are now on duty. >> we can easily walk up to people and have a conversation with them. >> john says that nine times out of 10, those conversations in peacefully. the guardian angels do not carry weapons, but they do sometimes make citizen's arrest. neighbors said they feel better already seeing them on the street corners. >> police in prince store discount or on the lookout for two men who went on a crime spree this weekend. they were caught on surveillance cameras, robbing at least six businesses. they were armed and robbed business is strictly for money. in most cases, they were in and out in less than two minutes . >> the husband of a woman who was shot and killed by culpeper police officer earlier this year has bought a wrongful death suit. patricia cook was unarmed when she was shot and killed. state police ha
will step forward, as well. >>> today the guardian angels will start patrolling a neve washington neighborhood -- northwest washington neighborhood in hopes of deterring crime. patrols come days after a man was badly beaten behind a condo building at 14th and w street in northwest. police say the attack was so brutal the victim had to have his jaw wired shut. neighbors say the 14th street corridor needs a bigger police revenues. the guardian -- police presence. the guardian angels will start foot patrols and make citizens arrests if necessary. >>> first responders who made the ultimate sacrifice received their place in history. the national law enforcement memorial honored those who died in the line of duty. eric holder and homeland security secretary napolitano were among the attendees. the names of 362 officers from across the country were read during a candlelight vigil. among those honored, officer derek krause killed last week at virginia tech. virginia trooper adam bowen. >>> three high-ranking executives at jpmorgan chase will be out of a job following the bank's $2 billion
story in the district, a vicious beat down caught on tape. dc guardian angels are patrolling a northwest neighbourhood. a man where has attacked on the 14th street northwest last week. a security camera recorded the punch and what appears to be the man stomping on the victim. maureen. >>> the 36-year-old victim was released from hospital yesterday after having extensive surgery on his face this weekend. the crime caused outrage and calls for better policing. >> close up on the corner here and then every now and then we will just take a sweep. >> reporter: guardian angels on patrol. looking to stop more trouble on the 1400 block of w street northwest. >> if we see anyone using illegal drugs, using any open container alcohol, we are going to simply walk up to them and say look, excuse me can y'all take that elsewhere. >> reporter: their presence is in response to a vicious beat down on thursday afternoon here in the alley behind 1413 w street. the building security cameras recorded the attack. it happened after a 36-year-old man who lives in the building, simply asked another man to pick u
newspapers followed it subsequently. still got a reason for not the coverage in the guardian. [laughter] >> were there hints of resignation? >> conversations about my resignation, yes. >> did you have conversations with mr. murdoch before he resigned or not? >> no. >> you concluded your severance agreement, which is under abc1 described # as a compromise agreement starting on page 0 2379, and stated on the 26th of february, 2007. do you see that? >> yes. which i think is exactly a year -- sorry, a month after you resigned; is that right? >> yes, i resigned two weeks before i actually left. so i resigned -- that conversation i mentioned took place two weeks before i actually left. >> so you went resigning on the basis you'd walk away from any benefits you might attain? residing on the basis you'd leave con sensely; is that fair? >> yes, well, it was my decision. there was no -- there was not sort of a negotiation or a discussion about whether or not i would or wouldn't. i went to see him, and i was very clear i was going to resign, and then i did so. >> now under clause 3, 02380, you rec
trying to hold territory. >> in an exclusive report, guardian journalist ghaith abdul-ahad investigates the new al qaeda threat in yemen. >> this is al qaeda, and they control a whole city. >> and in our second story, al qaeda operative fahd al-quso was killed by a drone strike in yemen earlier this month. tonight, former fbi agent ali soufan, author of the black banners, talks about his interrogation of al-quso before 9/11. >> how the heck quso is involved in what just happened? what did we miss? >> correspondent martin smiths interview with "the interrogator." >> what if that information had been shared? >> oh, my god. i think the world would be very different today. >> these two stories on this special edition frontline. >> frontline is made possible by contributions to your pbs station from viewers like you. thank you. and by the corporation for public broadcasting. major funding is provided by the john d. and catherine t. macarthur foundation, committed to building a more just, verdant, and peaceful world. and by reva and david logan, committed to investigative journalism as
's an issue that needs more attention. also new this morning, the garden -- guardian angels will patrol the streets today. >> it happened on friday near the busy u-street corner and that's where john gonzalez joins us with more details. >> it happened behind this new condo building. this man was brutally attacked last week and as you said it appears to be because of littering. police have been investigating this incident even taking a look at the crime camera here on the corner of 14th and w street. now while police continue investigating the guardian angels say they have been asked to patrol this area heavily. so starting at noon today, that's what they will do. walk up and down the 14th street corridor trying to deter some the crime here. the angels were very prevalent in this area just a few months back during a spree of violent street robberies. again, they will be focusing on the 14th street corridor here. especially the back alleys behind the condo and some of the other buildings in this area. this is just a block from the columbia highlights m
anyone under the age of 17 to have a parent or legal guardian with them after 6:00. mall officials say the new code is to maintain a family- friendly atmosphere. security will be doing checks to be sure teens aren't sneaking in. >>> it's friday and we want to tell you where to find something for nothing. go to and check out the freebies section at our website. there are a lot of deals out there. quick news coupon, you can get a free regular fountain drink and also free bowling all summer long with the kids. it's all at >>> mother's day doesn't have to mean spending a lot of money. there's an o's game on sunday, and they are playing the tampa bay rays. take mom and you get a free hat. if baseball isn't her thing, maybe a movie. red box is offering a free dvd for rentals. you can find that information on their facebook page. and ruby tuesdays is giving out avoucher for simply fresh cook books. and tcby is offering free frozen yogurt. and the free just wink app on the iphone and android hes users create personalized cards that range from sap by to sweet. e-mail
, 2012. today the guardian angels will be patrolling the northwest did dk mabd. the patrols are in response to a savage beating behind a condo building at 14th and w streets. megan mcgrath is live near the building with more for us now. good morning. >> reporter: well, good morning, barbara. it was a vicious attack that left a northwest man very seriously injured, and people who live in this neighborhood have been asking for added security since it happened. well, beginning today the guardian angels are going to start walking the streets around 14th and w. it was a brutal attack captured on tape by a surveillance camera. the victim saw the suspect throw a beer can to the ground. he asked the man to pick it up, and that's when things took a violent turn. the victim was kicked to the ground, knocked in the face. his attacker at one point stood over him taunting him, the suspect in the video is still at-large and residents are calling for more security in the neighborhood. in response, the guardian angels have added 14th and w it to their round of patrols. >> it can't hurt. as
skepticism, and move off the table. in so doing, the guardians of secular democracy in effect yield the connection between education and values to fundamentalists, who, you can be sure, have no compunctions about using education to further their values: the absolutes of a theocracy. meanwhile, the values and voices of democracy are silent. either we have lost touch with those values or, no better, believe they need not or cannot be taught. this aversion to social values may seem at odds with the explosion of community service programs. but despite the attention paid to these efforts, they remain emphatically extracurricular. in effect, civic-mindedness is treated as outside the realm of what purports to be serious thinking and adult purposes. simply put, when the impulse is to change the world, the academy is more likely to engender a learned helplessness than to create a sense of empowerment. this brew -- oversimplification of civic engagement, idealization of the expert, fragmentation of knowledge, emphasis on technical mastery, neutrality as a condition of academic integrity -- i
guardian to is going to a friend's home. she never was found alive. she is about 130 pounds. she was last seen wearing a red and white jacket and yellow athletic shorts. >> a group called the action committee for transit is asking them to plan the track work. they sent a letter to the general manager, as saying there will be a high demand for a service. this weekend is not the time to close stations. so far there has been no response from metro. >> we know you did not get a lot sleep last night. >> i went to bed at the end of regulation. it was the fourth fund is game and capital history. they did not get the win. >> the game started after 730 p m in did not wrap up until well after midnight. the rangers scored. game for a saturday afternoon. they're trying to even it up. >> target is one to stop selling the candle. -- kindle is on what's your creative juices. >> good morning. now is your time to play producer. they're letting the average [unintelligible] the best ideas will be distributed at a digital streaming service. it could lead to a $35,000 payout. >> target is turning its back on
of conduct requiring anyone 17 or younger to be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian after 6:00 p.m. >> they will be asked to call parents to come join them or pick them up. >>> the cover of the time magazine is causing a lot of controversy this morning. this is why t. head line reads, are you mom enough and shows a woman nursing her nearly 4-year- old boy. it's meant to illustrate the story about attachment parenting. it's generated more than 90 comments on our website and kathy writes in, the fallout will follow this kid for the rest of his life. the next person, gross and beyond inappropriate. we want your thoughts. what do you think about this? give us your thoughts and comments. >>> from fixing lunches to doing laundry, seeps like a woman's work is never done. why moms need to take time out of their schedule and make doctor's appointments. and we have the apps available so you don't show up empty handed on mother's day. this is our own she' johnson with her mom. happy mother's day. we'll be right back. i power through with the power of claritin-d. when my sinus pressure is at
in the death of drum major robert champion. >>> the guardian angels are now patrolling the streets after a brutal attack. the victim beat sewn badly his jaw had to be wired shut. it happened last week along 14th and w streets northwest. derrick ward with our report. >> reporter: a vicious attack in an alley in broad daylight caught on security video. it came after the victim is said to have asked the man drinking in the alley behind the victim's condo to pick up the beer can the attacker discarded. now the victim is recovering from a broken jaw and surgery to repair shattered bone in his face. >> we were asked to come here because of the recent beating that occurred. >> the guardian angels have begun a patrol in the area around 14th and w street northwest where the attack occurred last thursday. >> using illegal drugs. they are drinking alcohol. or sometimes just walking by the female to give them a cat wall. >> reporter: the outrage is compounded because the attack happened in the middle of the afternoon with people close by in an area attractive to new development and all it entails. t
, and other newspapers followed it. it still gets a reasonable amount of coverage in "the guardian puzzle -- guardian." >> january 2007, you resigned. whether discussions before the resignation? >> there was the conversation about my resignation. >> did you have conversations with mr. murdoch before you resigned? >> no. >> you concluded your severance agreement, described as a compromise agreement. the narrative starts at page 02379. we can see it is dated february 26, 2007. do you see that? >> yes. >> which i think is exactly a year to date -- i am sorry. a month after you resigned. >> i resigned two weeks before i actually left. the conversation i mentioned it took place two weeks before i left the building. >> you were not resigning on the basis that you would walk away from any benefit to might attain. you and thought you would lead eventually. >> it was my decision. there was not in negotiation or discussion about whether or not i would or would not. i was very clear that i was going to resign, and i did so. >> clause 3, you received both payment in lieu of the employers contractual.
. from recollection i think there's only two newspapers that are predictable. one is "the guardian," and the other is three of the four "news international" papers. "the guardian" normally supports the labor party but in any election, they support the liberal democrats. it did that in 1983 and again in 2010. so it's sort of fair-weather friend. it won't support the conservatives. certainly -- it's unpredictable about whether it would support the labor party. for the murdoch papers, since mr. murdoch purchased those papers, "the daily times" has always supported conservatives and did so in 19 7. the other bit what i perceive of mr. murdoch's approach particularly with "the sun" and "the news of the world" was that he reckoned that his political influence would be greater if as it were his support was available in return for what he thought he could get out of it. and i don't mean some deal. i see no evidence of a deal. but he thought there was something in it. now they might -- the benign view of this is that the people at news international took a very -- people at news internation
is a guardian and the other is the three of the four at news international papers. the guardian normally supports the labor party, but selects elections where we need them. it supports the liberal democrats, so it did in 1983 and did again in 2010. so sort of fair weather friend. it won't support the conservatives, but it certainly sun predictable about whether it will support the labor party. and for the muir dorsch paper, he purchased those papers. it's always supportive for the conservatives and perhaps it did in '97. what i perceive of mr. murdoch's approach with the sun and "news of the world" was that he rec n reckoned that his political influence would be greater if as it were his support was available in return for what he thought he could get out of it. i don't mean some daily, because i've seen no evidence of a deal. he thought there was something in it. now, they might -- a benign view of this is that the people at news international took a ve very -- people at news international like other newspaper executives were very concerned about whether their readers and that they spo
are hoping he'll step forward. in northwest washington, darcy spencer, news 4. >>> tomorrow the guardian angels will begin patrolling a d.c. neighborhood where a man was beaten so badly that his jaw is now wired shut. that attack happened on thursday afternoon behind a condo building at 14th and w. northwest. neighbors say the 14th street corridor needs a bigger police presence. the guardian angels say they'll begin foot patrols. >>> resignations at two of america's biggest companies could shake up wall street in the morning. three executeives at jpmorgan chase are expected to leave. this after a trading blunder that cost the bank $2 billion. ina drew is the biggest name. she oversaw the risk management division. she's considered one of the most powerful women on wall street. >>> today, the company's ceo jamie dimon admitted he was dead wrong about his original take on the risky trades. and he promised to get to the bottom of just what happened. >> we made a terrible egregious mistake, almost no excuse for it. >> not trying to stop banks from losing money. we are trying to stop them from
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